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"Even to your old age I will be the same, And even to your graying years I will bear you! I have done it, and I will carry you; And I will bear you and I will deliver you. " - Isaiah 46:4

Senior Care and Planning

"Even the weakest and most vulnerable, the sick, the old, the unborn and the poor, are masterpieces of God's creation, made in his own image, destined to live forever, and deserving of the utmost reverence and respect." - Pope Francis, July 7, 2013

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In Joyful Hope

Location: Archdiocese of Baltimore

As you begin the conversation about life and death with your children, your spouses, your friends, and with God, please consider these tools to guide your discernment. Whether you are approaching death or planning for the future, the legal, financial, familial, spiritual, medical, and practical aspects can be overwhelming. We pray you find comfort and support on these pages as you wait and prepare in joyful hope. . .

Patients Right Council

Location: Nationwide

In the current legal and ethical climate, a certain irony prevails. At the same time that assisted-suicide advocates are promoting their agenda in the name of “personal choice,” many “ethicists” and “experts” are attempting to limit medical treatment or care – even if the patient or patient’s decision-maker requests it. That is why it is so important to be informed.