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In Loving Memory
Lynn Carper

Lynn Carper

Earthly Prayer Team Lead 2021-2022
Heavenly Ministry Began April 8th, 2022

Daughter of God the Father, loving wife, dedicated mother, grandmother and sister.

Lynn's legacy with our ministry is her dedication to service through prayer. Lynn's heart was always growing and we were graced as a team to have her include us in her loving kindness. When we were forming our initial team, Lynn was the obvious choice for 'Prayer Team Lead.' She was known to her family and friends as a tireless prayer warrior. Spending countless hours close to her beloved Christ by the tabernacle or in adoration, you could find Lynn at daily mass, on retreats or in quiet meditation with a rosary in hand. Her dedication and no-excuse attitude will be missed, but we have such confidence knowing that she will be praying for our team and this ministry in heaven. Thank you Lynn for your resounding 'YES' to the Lord throughout your life. We love you and will be praying for you as you pray for us.

The Padre Pio Haven of Hope Team

we have such confidence knowing that she will be praying for our team and this ministry in heaven
Padre Pio Haven of Hope Team

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Pray for Lynn

As Catholics, we believe in the everlasting promise of heaven, but we also believe that we can pray for our loved ones who have preceded us in eternal rest. Whether or not our loved ones are in heaven or are in purgatory, our prayers are of vital importance. As a ministry dedicated to prayer, we ask that if you have read thus far, you may consider saying a prayer for the immortal soul of our beloved friend Lynn Carper and the repose of her soul. 


Ask Lynn to Pray for you

Those who have gone before us may also be in heaven and Lynn is a prayer warrior. If she is beside our Blessed Lord in heaven, she would be tireless in bringing your intention to his attention.